Message From MD

Welcome Message

A warm welcome From JK Prestressing Co.

Our story is based on a long tradition of reliability, product safety and professional services and our success directly depends on our clients' achievements. I have dedicated my life to this organization and I am equally grateful to have an efficient team who leave no stone unturned to make every effort into success.

We trust that our technical leadership, professional know-how and quality services contribute to our clients' successes and to building sustainable, long-lasting infrastructure that can be relied on by future generations.

As a technical man, I firmly believe in using technology to compete in business and to accomplish our goal to all our Partners – to deliver sustainable and long term uninterrupted returns. This belief inspired me to embark on long haul innovation and transformation aiming to bring JK to another level of heights. No doubt at all, technology and innovation are the twin enablers that ensure that JK products meet customers’ changing needs.

Our passion and far-sighted vision fuel our drive towards excellence in both technology and customer service.

As customer relation is built on trust, business ethics are non-negotiable. Our business philosophy has resulted in repeat business and an expanding clientele base.

Thus, JK has been enjoying unbroken profitability since it started in 1994. Besides reinvesting our financial gains into our business, we have established a foundation.

I wish to invite you to tour around our website and let us help you to get a better understanding on JK and our business. I would appreciate if you could help us to improve our website by letting me know your idea and opinion.

Our commitment to quality, integrity, and fairness is everlasting.


Saurabh Walia