Bridge Hardware

Bridge Hardware

Void Former

Void Former is used to make voided slab. Major function of void former is to reduce the concrete volume and thereby decrease the self-weight of the slab & improve the structural capacity & span length of the slab. JKPC has range of void former from on 150m to 3000 mm dia which include End cone and Coupler.

Drainage Spout

The drainage spout is a box connected with pipe that carries rain water down from deck slab. It should be corrosion resistance due to water flowing through pipe. JKPC supplied drainage spout as per specification & provide various range according to client’s specification.

CI Casting

Jk CI Casting is dimensionally accurate & corrosion resistance. Manufacturing by machine moulding process.

Steel Casting

Jk Steel Casting is form of various types of steel. Steel Casting is very strong and extremely tough to deliver more strength and shock resistance.


Forging is process specifically used to change size by compressing or heating. JK forging is widely used and meet clients requirement also.